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Pay Per Click Management

At A Digital Firm your business’ growth is our ultimate objective. We develop and optimize PPC advertising campaigns using the perfect blend of relevant keywords and value-based content. By channelizing our successful PPC strategies, we aim at helping you grow your online sales and revenues.

Unlike other PPC company in india, at ADF we create detailed PPC strategies and continuously monitor and improve the campaign for best results. Our periodic analysis and reporting promote transparency and helps you leverage the digital platform, effectively.

PPC Works Wonders for Businesses…

Your Effective & Reliable Growth Companion

Pay Only for Real clicks

PPC reduces cost of advertising as you only need to pay for clicks instead of impressions. This means you can enjoy high visibility at a cheaper cost than conventional mediums.

Controlled Expenditure

PPC campaigns allow you to fix a budget and control your advertising spends. This means you can start with a small budget and scale up as you see results.

Highly-targeted Advertisements

With the help of audience targeting, you can direct your advertisement to specific group of people- your target audience with measurable results.

Swift Results

Compared to other forms of advertising channels, PPC provides quick results with limited investment.

A Digital Firm: Master of Pay per click Advertising

Compelling reasons to engage with our expert PPC ninjas…

Highly Experienced Team

Having executed hundreds of successful PPC campaigns over the years, our PPC experts understand various platforms, strategies and techniques in detail. This helps them in crafting a result-oriented strategy that brings faster results and promise higher ROI on your investment.

Complete Domain Expertise

Instead of limiting our knowledge to a single platform, we have developed inclusive PPC management capabilities. This endowed us with holistic idea of PPC ecosystem, helping us build better campaigns for business success.

Result-oriented Strategies

We believe in providing effective results from every PPC campaign. Thus, we only execute tried and tested strategies that have been perfected over the years by our PPC experts.

Transparent Reporting

We believe in keeping you updated about all that is happening with your PPC campaign. Regular reporting and transparent analytics help you monitor the performance and make informed decisions.

End-to-end pay per click advertising Solutions

Why just focus on one channel, when you can leverage several?

Google Adwords

Google is the most popular search engine platform and staying on the top of Google results ensures improved sales figures. Using insightful keyword planning, campaign optimization and PPC management, we create strong Google PPC campaigns that beat the competitors.

Bing Promotions

Not limited our specialization to a particular search engine platform, our PPC experts craft amazing campaigns for promoting your business on Bing. Having rich experience of using Bing ads platform, our experts can optimize PPC campaigns to transform website clicks to conversions.

LinkedIn Promotion

LinkedIn is loved by B2B businesses and professionals to gather valuable leads and grow business. Being highly-efficient in leveraging the LinkedIn Ads platform, we help your B2B business gain a competitive advantage by nurturing your sales funnel mechanism with qualified leads gathered through LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

Facebook Promotion

Facebook is the most potent social media platform in the world. Using Facebook advertising as a tool to improve discoverability, we can improve your business’ growth potential. We identify your target audience, optimize the campaigns based on audience interests and supplement campaigns with creative and engaging posts to improve website hits.

Instagram Promotion

Instagram marketing is a powerful technique to launch viral campaigns and improve your brand’s reach among the prospective customers. Using high-quality images, compelling messages, far-reaching hashtags, we can build exciting Instagram marketing campaigns for your business.

Twitter Promotion

‘Twitter for Business’ platform helps your business to expand your business reach and improve engagement metrics. Our experts make use of multiple techniques and to create engaging Twitter ads and target global audience without any trouble. By clearly identifying your target audience, we improve your ROI from Twitter marketing campaign.

Quora Promotion

Quora is one of the most powerful content-centric platforms in the world. With the help of our Quora promotion services, you can reach your target audience and help your business achieve an influencer status with ease. Suitable for value-based content-centric world, Quora Promotions help you reach out to wider audiences on the Quora platform.