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The classic email marketing route has managed to grow despite the increasing penetration of other digital channels. People are using their mailboxes more than ever. With the help of a thoughtful email marketing strategy, you can directly reach out to the mailbox of your customers and let your voices be heard.

We help you create result-oriented email marketing campaigns by analyzing the interest of target audience, optimizing your existing email database and creating a strong message for email body. Our expert team leverages years of marketing expertise to develop a remarkable campaign for improved website traffic, revenues and brand reach.

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4 Reasons why Email Marketing Works Even Today

Email is Personal, Convenient & Instant

Instead of mass-marketed messages, email is personal and makes a potential customer feel privileged. On the top of it, accessing email is convenient for the users, owing to mobile email clients. This means instant delivery of your email.

Profitable Marketing Solution

Compared to other forms of marketing solutions, email marketing campaign is powerful at getting your voice heard by prospective customers.

Higher Response Due to Personalized & Interactive Content

Analyzing data collected via email marketing campaigns helps you create personalized communication tone that will increase their engagement with your business.

Email Marketing can be Automated

Unlike other offline campaigns, email marketing can be completely automated using triggers and workflows to enhance the relevance and get better results.

Our Email Marketing Mastery

A Digital Firm’s Pillars of Strength as an Efficient Email Marketer

Integrated Digital Marketing Expertise

As a full-service digital marketing firm, we understand various aspects associated with online marketing and integrate your email marketing plan with your company’s marketing strategy in a better way.

Innovative Optimization Strategies

Ourexpertsunderstand the nuances of email marketing in detail. This helps them optimize campaigns for better sales and increased ROI without using hit and try strategies.

In-house Design Team

An email’svisualappealis an important aspect that determines the success of an email marketing campaign. With an in-house team of creative designers, we design the most engaging emails to power your campaign.

Reliable Delivery Tracking System

We do not let a single penny go waste. With efficient and reliable delivery tracking system and database optimization, we make sure your email reaches your potential customers.

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Powerful Email Marketing Solutions for Modern Businesses

Successful Tactics to Make Email A High-Revenue Generating Channel

Email Database Optimization

Success of an email marketing campaign largely depends on the quality of email subscribers in the database. We perform a detailed quality check and take measures to optimize an email database. By leveraging different techniques, we ensure that your database is free from irrelevant email IDs to ensure your message reaches out to a concentrated group of potential customers, leading to better results from an email marketing campaign.

Research & Strategy Development

Our experienced email marketing team perform a thorough market research based on competitor’s efforts, consumer expectations and potential opportunities. Based on the research, we create a tactful email marketing strategy that defines the goals, target audience, content plan and other aspects for improving the success rates from an email marketing campaign.

Email Data Segmentation

Having expertise in target audience identification, we can help to refine your email subscribers list by segmenting them into smaller groups. Our data segmentation solutions help you in delivering personalized emails that are more relevant to a reader based on his/her interest, purchase history or location. The tactic helps you in growing rapport with your subscribers and leads to better recognition among the target audience.

Email Content Planning

Based on inbound content marketing strategies, we create a roadmap for email content creation. Our insightful content planning process helps you identify the stage of a subscriber in buyer’s journey and create relevant content suitable to his/her needs. When your potential customers find relevant information in your emails, they are more likely to open the future emails from your business, improving open rates and ultimately revenues.

Email Template Designing

Our creative team of email designers can develop splendid emails for your campaign. Based on your brand image and targeted message, we can design responsive email templates that will surely grab eyeballs and deliver your message in a better way than plain text email.

Open & Spam Ratio Analysis

We believe in enriching a campaign by providing detailed insights into the performance of a campaign. Using different analytical techniques, we can conduct an analysis of open and spam rates and optimize your campaigns for improving these figures. Based on the results of the analysis, we can bring down the spam ratio to an acceptable level and improve open rate.

Email Tracking & Reporting

Our expert team can embed the functionality to track email open rates and provide detailed reports about how the user interacted with the email message. Utilizing modern analytical platforms, we can smarten your email marketing efforts and ensure better future performance of all campaigns.